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At St Edward’s CofE Primary School and Nursery we believe it is important to have a school uniform to promote a sense of pride in the school, as well as a sense of community, belonging and togetherness. We want to promote high expectations and boost self-esteem and support the school’s commitment to inclusion and equality by helping pupils feel equal to their peers.

Our uniform is as follows:

• Burgundy sweatshirt, jumper or cardigan

• White shirt, polo shirt or blouse

• Grey trousers, skirt, pinafore or grey shorts

• Grey or black school shoes (not trainers)

• Lilac and white gingham dress or short jumpsuit

• Closed toe sandals in the summer

• Plain House colour t-shirt (Moon and Sun, Animal and Creatures, Sea and Sky and Land and Plants)

• Black shorts

• Plimsolls or trainers

• Plain black jogging bottoms/leggings are permitted

• Burgundy school jumper or cardigan

We expect the children to take pride in their appearance, for example ensuring their shirts are tucked into their skirts or trousers.

For health and safety reasons, we do not allow jewellery or elaborate hairbands/clips, with the exception being studded earrings, watches or small items of religious significance which should be removed during PE lessons to prevent them from causing injury.

We ask that parents support their children to adhere to the uniform policy and assist them to maintain a smart appearance. This includes ensuring their child has a haircut/style appropriate for school and that long hair is tied back.

In addition, parents should consider the weather and ensure their child brings a coat to school.

We ask that parents ensure that the child’s name is written on all items of clothing, in order to limit the frustrations of losing items of uniform.

If a parent/carer has difficulty for any reason in fulfilling the requirements of the uniform policy, they are asked to speak confidentially to a member of staff to discuss the issues. Parents should be assured that we will do all we can to help. The school welcomes children from all backgrounds and faith communities.

If there are serious reasons, for example on religious grounds, why parents want their child to wear clothes that differ from the school uniform, the school will consider such requests sympathetically.

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