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Welcome to Year 6

 Summer Term 2022


Class Teacher : Miss Phillips


Our Summer term topics are:



Geography -

Why are jungles so wet and deserts so dry?

This term we are learning about why jungles are so wet and deserts so dry. We will start by observing, describing and explaining the pattern of climate in the UK. We will then identify and begin to offer reasons for the different types of climate around the world.  We will compare and contrast the temperature and rainfall data in different climates and construct a climate graph. Finally, we will explore and explain why tropical rainforests have so much rainfall as well as explain why deserts are the driest inhabited places in the world and explore how plants and animals have adapted to the climate.

Geography -

How is climate change affecting the world?

This term we are learning about how climate change is affecting the world. We will start by learning why communities in The Gambia are being affected by changes in weather patterns and the impact this is having on the people. We will then evaluate a range of evidence and make judgements as to the impact on the people in Southeast Australia due to weather patterns.  We will understand why some coastal communities are having to make flood resilience plans in order to cope with the changes in sea levels and explore how global warming is affecting weather patterns around the world and evaluate its impact in different places. Finally, we will explore why countries around the world have acted to reduce global warming and whether this is effective.




Science - Living things and their habitat

Our Science topic this term is living things and their habitat! 



Art - Banksy

The artist we will be exploring this term is Banksy.






Our PE lessons this half term will be on Friday, please make sure you wear PE kit in to school on these days. 




The PTFA have again purchased a great times table package for the school called 'TT Rockstars'. There are lots of different areas the children could go into including the ‘Garage’ or ‘Studio’. The Garage is a training mode where they work through the tables (recommended) and the Studio is random questions up to the 12x12 times table. Ultimately, we hope this makes learning the times tables fun while they become more fluent and knowledgeable in their times table recall. They can also earn ‘coins’ to update their avatar rock star!





Home Learning will be issued on a Friday to be completed and kept at home. They will be given a weekly LSCWC spelling pattern sheet and activity sheet along with a Maths or English activity sheet to be completed in pencil or blue pen. 

Although Y6 are no longer using the Renaissance Reading scheme, they are still expected to read at least 2 / 3 times a week at home. 



We are all looking forward to another fun, jam packed term with lots and lots of learning going on!


If you have any worries, concerns or questions, please feel free to pop in and see me or contact me through class Dojo.



Thank you


Miss Phillips









School Motto

'One family - sharing, caring, learning together'

Mission Statement

Our school's Christian values are the branches of Kindness, Respect and Courage spreading from the main trunk of Love.

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