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Welcome to Year 5!

Spring 2020 


This year our team is...

Mr Western (class teacher)

Mrs Chapman (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Stephenson ( Teaching Assistant)



This term we are working on:-



This half term we are working on: -

Land of the Free 


This half term we have a Geography focus. 

As geographers we will:

• Study the continent of North America

• Compare and contrast North America with the United Kingdom

We will find out about some of the countries, capitals, cities, landmarks and wildlife.

We will start by looking at maps of North America so we can see where it is and name some of its countries.

We will then focus our studies on the United States of America (USA), looking at:

Physical features:

• Some of the amazing landscapes, wildlife and plant life of the National Parks

• The vast mountain ranges of the Rockies, Appalachians and Sierra-Nevada

• Some active volcanoes, such as Mount St. Helens, which has erupted many times, including a major eruption in 1980

• The San Andreas fault – the USA’s earthquake zone

• The Great Lakes that border the USA and Canada, and Niagara Falls

• We will discover some of the incredible weather features such as the violent tornadoes in ‘Tornado Alley’, the summer wild fires of California and the dramatic drops in temperature that some states experience during winter

• Some of the great rivers, such as the Colorado and the Mississippi



Human features:

• The states and cities, focusing on the skyscrapers and monuments of New York, the home of Hollywood – Los Angeles, the home of the Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco, the Windy City – Chicago, and the home of government – Washington DC

• The Hoover dam in Arizona

• Land use and economic activity in some of the areas we study

We will study some of the diverse cultures across the USA, including a study of some Native American people.

We will find out about some of the national festivals, such as Thanksgiving and the 4th of July. We will explore the origins of the national flag: the Stars and Stripes. We will also look at some past historical figures such as John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.


You can get in touch with us in the usual ways such as phoning the school office, sending a Dojo or  popping in before and after school.


Many thanks

 Mr Western



Key dates for your diary:  


6th Jan - 14th Feb ~ Term 3

25th Jan Year 5 class assembly

17th - 21st Feb  ~ Spring Break

24th Feb - 27th March  ~ Term 4

25th March ~ Easter Service

Friday 27th March  ~ End of term