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Welcome to Year 5!

Our team consists of:

Mr Western - Class Teacher

Mrs Chapman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tanner - Teaching Assistant

Our Autumn term topic is:

Is the history of York, the history of England?

This is a history based topic where we will be the looking at the Roman occupation of York, an Anglo-Saxon mystery to solve from the seventh century, the largest battle ever fought on English soil took place at Marston Moor, a few kilometres outside of York as well as examining two important effects of the coming of the industrial age to York in
the early 1800s: the influence of the arrival of the railway and the growth of large factories in which products were manufactured for the first time using steam-driven machinery!


Science - Earth and Space

Our Science topic this term is Earth and Space. We will be looking at the movement of the Earth, and other planets and describe the movement of the Moon relative to the Earth. We will describe the Sun, Earth and Moon and use the idea of the Earth's rotation to explain day and night.



Geography -

Why are mountains so important?


We will first look at introducing the concept of ‘mountain’ through an investigation. We will then focus on the location and formation of the world’s most significant ranges of fold mountains. After this, we will explore the legend of Mallory and Irvine, together with the achievements of Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in 1953. We will then apply a wide range of geographical skills including map and satellite interpretation.



How do volcanoes affect the lives of people on Hiemaey?



We will recognise, describe and explain the key geographical features of the Westman Islands region of Iceland and the island of Hiemaey in particular. Next we will compare and contrast the physical and human geography of Vestmannaeyjar and explain how volcanoes form. Finally, we will understand how and why the environment of Hiemaey has changed over time and reach conclusions and make judgements about the positive and negative impact of these changes on the ways of life of the people of Hiemaey!






General Information




Our PE lessons this half term will be Games on a Thursday afternoon, please make sure you wear PE kit in to school on these days. 



Home Learning will be issued on a Friday to be completed and kept at home. They will be given a weekly LSCWC spelling pattern sheet and activity sheet along with a Maths or English activity sheet to be completed in pencil or blue pen. 

Although Y5 are no longer using the Renaissance Reading scheme, they are still expected to read at least 2 / 3 times a week at home. 



The PTFA have again purchased a great times table package for the school called 'TT Rockstars'. There are lots of different areas the children could go into including the ‘Garage’ or ‘Studio’. The Garage is a training mode where they work through the tables (recommended) and the Studio is random questions up to the 12x12 times table. Ultimately, we hope this makes learning the times tables fun while they become more fluent and knowledgeable in their times table recall. They can also earn ‘coins’ to update their avatar rock star!




If you have any concerns, or question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached through Class Dojo, or the school telephone number. We are usually in the playground most days after school , or from 8.30am in the morning. 


Kind Regards


Mr Western & Mrs Chapman




 Key dates for your diary:  


Autumn Term 1: Monday 6th September - Friday 22nd October

Monday 6th September ~ Non-pupil Day

Tuesday 7th September  ~ Children start back at school


Autumn Term 2: Monday 1st November - Friday 17th December

Monday 1st November ~ Non-pupil day 

Tuesday 2nd November ~ Children return to school

Further dates to be confirmed by the Office.

English Charles Dickens

School Motto

'One family - sharing, caring, learning together'

Mission Statement

Our school's Christian values are the branches of Kindness, Respect and Courage spreading from the main trunk of Love.

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