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Welcome to Year 5!

Our team consists of:

Mrs Lavis and Mrs Ouhibi - Class Teachers

Mrs Chapman - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Tanner - Teaching Assistant

History -

Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important?

We will be exploring how serious the risk of invasion was by Nazi Germany in June 1940 by evaluating a range of primary and secondary sources and reaching our own judgment on how serious the threat was! Next, we will interpret numerical and written evidence to explain and justify what Hitler needed to do if an invasion was going to succeed in 1940 and finally, we will explain, describe and evaluate the relative importance of the factors which contributed to Britain winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 and make a judgment as to which of these they feel were most significant!


Why did Britain once rule the largest empire the world has ever seen?

We will start our history journey by identifying and describing the extent of the British Empire in 1921 and explain what it means to be a colony and why it was said that the sun never set of the British Empire. After this, we will explore why Britain built an empire around the world, explore factors and evaluate why they considered them most important. We will explore what happened to the British Empire and make a judgment as to why the British Empire has all but disappeared. In the end, we will interpret a wide range of sources to explore what happened to Britain between 2nd April and 14th June 1982.




Science - Electricity and Light

Our Science topic this term is Electricity and Light We will be looking at the main circuit symbols and use these to draw circuit diagrams. We will plan and conduct investigations and explore different forms of electricity. We will explore and recognise that light travels in straight lines and describe how light enables us to see. We will understand reflections as light bouncing off a surface and explore colours using light!



Art - William Morris

The artist we will be exploring this term is William Morris.





General Information




Our PE lessons this half term will be on Thursday, please make sure you wear PE kit in to school on these days. 



Home Learning will be issued on a Friday to be completed and kept at home. They will be given a weekly LSCWC spelling pattern sheet and activity sheet along with a Maths or English activity sheet to be completed in pencil or blue pen. 

Although Y5 are no longer using the Renaissance Reading scheme, they are still expected to read at least 2 / 3 times a week at home. 



The PTFA have again purchased a great times table package for the school called 'TT Rockstars'. There are lots of different areas the children could go into including the ‘Garage’ or ‘Studio’. The Garage is a training mode where they work through the tables (recommended) and the Studio is random questions up to the 12x12 times table. Ultimately, we hope this makes learning the times tables fun while they become more fluent and knowledgeable in their times table recall. They can also earn ‘coins’ to update their avatar rock star!




If you have any concerns, or question, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached through Class Dojo, or the school telephone number. We are usually in the playground most days after school , or from 8.30am in the morning. 


Kind Regards


Mrs Lavis and Mrs Ouhibi


English Charles Dickens

School Motto

'One family - sharing, caring, learning together'

Mission Statement

Our school's Christian values are the branches of Kindness, Respect and Courage spreading from the main trunk of Love.

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