St Edward's CofE Primary School

St Edward's CofE Primary School

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Governors Award for Effort and Endeavour:-



Autumn Term 2016     KS1 William L                  KS2 Ella M

Spring Term 2017       KS1 Daniel B                   KS2 Rianna R

Summer Term 2017    KS1 Harrison C                KS2 Alex J


Autumn Term 2017    KS1 Isabelle L                  KS2 Maisie A

Spring Term 2018      KS1 Lawson H                  KS2 Chloe A-G

Summer Term 2018   KS1 Darcie L                    KS2 Noah H


Autumn Term 2018     KS1 Zac M                      KS2 Micah G

Spring Term 2019       KS1 Archie T                   KS2 Oliver H

Summer Term 2019    KS1 Ben E                      KS2 Harri J

Autumn Term 2019     KS1 Mason A                  KS2 Alfie T


Governors Award for Citizenship


Autumn Term 2016     KS1 Caitlyn G                KS2 Scott B

Spring Term 2017       KS1 Henry B                  KS2 Eloise H

Summer Term 2017    KS1 Paige M                  KS2 Isabel R


Autumn Term 2018     KS1 Hannah R               KS2 Erin W

Spring Term 2018       KS1 Olivia H                  KS2 Jessica H

Summer Term 2018    KS1 Iris M                     KS2 Connie R


Autumn Term 2019     KS1 Sophia A                KS2 Callum B

Spring Term 2019       KS1 Abigail L                 KS2 Aaliyah M 

Summer Term 2019    KS1 Lewis T                  KS2 Scarlet E

Autumn Term 2019     KS1 Amelia B                KS2 Jack D


Let Your Light Shine 



Autumn Term 2016     KS1 Maddison R             KS2 Bella J

Spring Term 2017       KS1 Anais R                   KS2 Charlotte W

Summer Term 2017    KS1 Alfie B                     KS2 Samuel H


Autumn Term 2017     KS1 Maisie W                 KS2 Joseph R

Spring Term 2018       KS1 Ralph M                  KS2 Rhys T

Summer Term 2018    KS1 Peyton F                 KS2 Shayla T


Autumn Term 2018     KS1 Thomas S               KS2 Beth H

Spring Term 2019       KS1 Athena L                 KS2 Jack S

Summer Term 2019    KS1 Isla A                      KS2 Isabelle W-G

Autumn Term 2019     KS1 Daisy D                   KS2 Ciaran L



Summer Term 2017    Sakthi Pandy

Summer Term 2018    Daniel Bott

School Motto

'One family - sharing, caring, learning together'

Mission Statement

Our school's Christian values are the branches of Kindness, Respect and Courage spreading from the main trunk of Love.

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